Billionaire Invests in Brain Research

Diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease in 2009, Richard Rainwater “has poured more than $50 million into a research effort known as the Tau Consortium…. The project is named after the tau protein, which is believed to malfunction and be at the core of various brain diseases….” Click here to read the full article.

Rare dementia ravages people in midlife

AFTD Executive Director Susan Dickinson talks to a reporter from the Delphos Herald about the hallmark characteristics of each of the FTD disorders and how they differ from Alzheimer’s Disease. Click here to read the article.

Feature Uses NIH Announcement as Springboard for Raising Awareness

In addition to publicizing the investment by the NIH in FTD research, this Healthline article also provides a roundup of FTD news and resources. Read the article here.

2015 Travel Grants

AFTD offers modest financial assistance to family caregivers and people with the disease to attend an FTD education conference. The grants may be used to defray the cost of travel, lodging, conference fees and/or respite for your loved one in order to attend. For more information see the application materials.

Reporter Gets Personal: “Why FTD Is So Hard to Talk About – My Dad’s Story”

Freelance writer David Heitz, a news reporter for Healthline and contributor to the online Healthline Contributors, shares his personal experience with FTD. “People often joke about the amount of drama I’ve always had in my life, and I’ll admit to an extent to being a ‘drama queen.’ But people who live with someone who has FTD will tell you the disease is all about drama…. My dad’s symptoms very much developed over time and only now do all of the pieces fit into something that has puzzled all of us for many years.” Read more here.