Lewy Body Dementia Gets Spotlight

Autopsy findings identified that comedian Robin Williams was battling Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB), or Lewy Body Dementia, and his widow recently began offering interviews to share information about this disease.

Along with FTD, DLB is one of the diseases being addressed by the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), the national strategic framework for advancing research on treatment, prevention and cures for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. In conjunction with Lewy Body Dementia Association Director of Programs Angela Taylor, AFTD Program Manager Matthew Sharp, M.S.S. has been advocating that NAPA’s Advisory Council should provide greater focus on both FTD and DLB, and greater clarity regarding research funding opportunities targeting the related dementias.

Media attention on DLB is timely, as the annual International Dementia with Lewy Bodies Conference will convene in the United States for the first time in early December. One of the objectives of the conference is to identify the differences and commonalities between DLB and other forms of dementia. For more information about the conference (Dec. 1-4), click here.

Tuning in to memories helps people coping with dementia

In this article from the Winston-Salem Journal, AFTD volunteer and Food for Thought host Rona Klein describes how music is improving her husband Ken’s quality of life. Ken, who is living with FTD, is participating in a local Music & Memory program, which “helps tap into deep memories that are not lost to dementia and enables the participants to feel like themselves again.” Read the full article here.

California’s NBC-affiliate KMIR Broadcasts FTD Feature

California television station KMIR aired the following story, providing an overview of FTD and publicizing the Dementia-Friendly Café. The café is offered monthly at PF Chang’s China Bistro at The River in Rancho Mirage. Details are provided near the end of this segment.

Ottawa Radio Station 580 CFRA Promotes World FTD Awareness Week

On October 10th, Ottawa radio station 580 CFRA hosted dementia advocate Matt Dineen on the program to raise FTD awareness. Matt’s interview is available here.

The station also hosted FTD advocate Sue Gustafson, who described losing her husband to FTD in 2013, and encouraged Canada’s federal government to develop a National Strategy on Dementia, to “give fair and equitable care and activities to people with dementia.” Sue’s interview is available here.

AFTD thanks 580 CFRA for its support.



Readers of The New York Times Invited to Learn More about FTD

Thanks to a generous sponsor, AFTD secured placement of back-to-back full-page ads in the 10/04 and 10/11 editions of The New York Times. These ads, designed by AFTD volunteer Jody Zorn, pointed readers to Share the link and continue to spread FTD awareness!