In Sickness and In Health

A Pennsylvania caregiver tells her story of reuniting with her high school sweetheart later in life, and her experience caring for him after he was diagnosed with FTD. To read the full article, click here.

What You Should Know About FTD explains common symptoms of FTD, as well as why the early signs are often overlooked and misdiagnosed. To read the full article, click here.

PA family continues father’s legacy through Bill’s Best barbecue sauce

The Fehon family shared the story of their experiences with their husband/father’s FTD and the family business that honors him.

A Different Dementia

Sylvia Gentry spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer about the path to diagnosis and caring for her husband.

Caring for a Sick Loved One Despite the Isolation, Heartache

Caregiver Maureen Walsh shares her experience of getting an accurate diagnosis for her husband and how she copes with the struggles of caregiving.